A Love Letter to Joe Snyder

A Love Letter to Joe Snyder

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” I’m going to guess that Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s inspiration for her famous Sonnet 43 wasn’t men’s underwear. However, I feel those words perfectly describe my feelings about the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong.

Let’s start with one of the most defining features of this thong….the pouch. The pouch is designed to lift you up and out and put your package on display. It cups your package nicely and offers great support for all day wear. I like to think of this thong in terms of Goldilocks and the three bears. The bulge on a Joe Snyder Sock-It Collection might be too big to wear to work without showing off too much. The bulge on a regular Joe Snyder thong might be considered too small and not showy enough. I think the bulge on this one is just the right amount of display that will keep you feeling sexy all day, without feeling like you’re completely on display for everyone you encounter. It gives you a nice, smooth, sexy looking bulge.

Sizing on the Joe Sndyer bulge thong runs on the smaller side of the scale. I had to spend a few seconds making sure I got everything tucked into the pouch just right, but once I did, it was a nice and tight feeling, just how I like it. If you are of above average endowment you will definitely want to order one size up to allow enough room for everything. Sizing is EVERYTHING when it comes to thongs so you’ll want to take some time to find the right size for you.

When I first pulled this thong out of it’s packaging I thought the fabric felt slighty rough on the exterior. The interior of the pouch however, was nice and smooth. The synthetic material makes it perfect for underwear or swimwear. You can definitely turn heads in this in the bedroom or on the beach. This thong is well stitched and should be a long-lasting addition to your underwear drawer. The back is a traditional thong back and is perfect for showing off those firm cheeks.If I had to think of one thing I didn’t like about this thong, it would be the giant tag attached to the back of the thong. Ok, so maybe the tag isn’t that giant, it may just seem like it since there’s not a ton of fabric we’re working with. Just get out those scissors and cut it off and you will be all set to show off your beautiful buns.

Finally, one of my favorite things about the Joe Sndyer Bulge Thong is the variety of colors! Nineteen to be exact….yes! NINETEEN! The combination of the color options as well as the fit of this thong makes me fear my bank account will take a big hit because I need ALL of these in my collection. There really is the right color to make anyone look their best. For the more subdued look, check out black or wine. If brighter is what you like, check out turquoise or yellow. If patterns are more your style, go for the camo, newsprint, or rainbow. Or, if you want something that really pops, check out pink or purple. Tons of options so there’s bound to be at least one that you’ll love.

Overall, I think the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong checks all the boxes to be one of my favorite pieces of underwear. It’s sexy and stylish. It’s comfortable, well constructed, and it has a ton of options for colors. You can’t go wrong with adding this to your underwear drawer. Order yours today and send pics of you wearing yours to our Instagram account. Happy Shopping!

3 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Joe Snyder

  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Just love wearing Joe Snyder’s! Now the shining thong, thought that the bulging thong would-be hé uncomfortable. Apparently, I am wrong!

  2. avatar Paul Hover says:

    Great blog. Hoping to get back to wearing jocks. Never really tried thongs. They look really good in you.

  3. avatar Wmpenguin says:

    Really enjoying the blog. You have found your calling!!!

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