Am I Even Wearing Anything?

Am I Even Wearing Anything?

Every once in awhile I come across underwear that truly leaves you feeling as if you’re wearing nothing. Today I want to tell you all about the ErgoWear MAX Suave collection. I have the thong version, but there’s a style for anyone.

What’s so amazing about these are the pouch. The fabric is a super stretch other words, it’s amazingly soft and stretchy to the point of you forgetting you are wearing anything. No joke, I have this unique sensation when wearing this thong because it almost feels like I’m freeballing and wearing just a cock ring. That’s due to the 3-d pouch design which lightly pulls and pushes your package forward. The fabric is super soft and doesn’t cling to you so it leaves you feeling as if there’s nothing there at all. Due to the design, this is a great option for the gym because it prevents your package from clinging to your thighs and the microfiber fabric will keep you cool and dry.

As I said, the ErgoWear MAX Suave collection comes in a style for anyone. Try the thong, the bikini, or boxer, or better yet, try them all! There also a variety of color options. There truly is something for every guy here. 

If you want that feeling of wearing nothing, without actually freeballing, then check out the ErgoWear MAX Suave collection. It will leave you comfortable and free-feeling all day!

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