I've been framed!

I've been framed!

Don’t worry, it’s a good frame. I’m talking about the Joe Snyder Pride Frame Bikini. I’ve had this bikini in my collection for about a year now and I always forget how fun it is to wear and how nicely it “frames” my package.

Colorful Frame

One of the most noticeable features of this underwear is the pouch which is designed to frame your package and display it at its finest. You have your choice of several colors to use as a pouch frame. For some odd reason, I decided to go with a black frame on a black bikini. Black on black is boring and pretty much defeats the entire frame concept. So learn a lesson from me and pick one of the other many pops of color. Despite my mistake in color selection,  it’s still fun and sexy to wear and the pouch holds everything in a nice round bulge unlike any other underwear I own. Sure I have other underwear that has a contouring pouch, but this bikini has it’s own distinct styling. The back of the bikini offers just enough coverage so your booty isn’t sticking out, yet offers a sexy profile.

Let’s talk about comfort!

The mix of polyamide and spandex makes for a light, smooth, soft fit. There’s a nice little stretch to these bikinis which allows for a snug fit without feeling tight. I love it when underwear offers both comfort and sex appeal and these definitely hit that mark.  The only uncomfortable thing about these are the tag in the back which I quickly removed with scissors. Problem solved!

How do they fit?

I ordered true to size and despite the tight fit, they are still really comfortable. Though as you will see on our site, when it comes to Joe Snyder, we generally recommend you order one size up to get the most comfortable fit. For this particular style though because of the pouch design, I’m on the fence. So here’s some advice based on various preferences. Pick the one that best describes you:

  • I like a really snug fit and want my package and booty to be cradled tight all day. If this is you, order true to size.
  • I like a looser fit and some room to grow in case something springs up during the day. If this is you, play it safe and order one size up.
  • I’m used to boxers or boxer briefs but Andy, you’ve talked me into spicing up my underwear drawer for my significant other or myself. If this is you, definitely opt for one size up...oh and congrats on spicing up your underwear!

Bottom line

The Joe Snyder Pride Frame bikini has a colorful, unique, sexy, and comfortable design. Wear them to work, for a night out, or even as swimwear. These are a must have for any men’s underwear drawer. Order yours today, follow us on Instagram, and share a pic of you wearing yours!

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