Mens Thong Swimwear Done Right

Mens Thong Swimwear Done Right

My name is Andy and I can’t begin to express how excited I am to be blogging for Cockpit Undies! I’ve had a passion for underwear since I was I was a teen. Join me on this new adventure as I explore some of the great underwear and swimwear offered by Cockpit Undies.

For my inaugural blog, I thought it would be fitting to review the original swim thong creations in the Cockpit Swim collection. I’ve talked to a lot of guys over the years about underwear and when it comes to thongs I often hear two main complaints:

  1. “They are uncomfortable. I don’t want something wedged up my ass all day”
  2. “Thongs are for women or thongs are for bottom men or anyone but me”

I’m living proof that these are myths! Let’s tackle each myth a bit. As far as comfort is concerned, some guys are right, thongs can be uncomfortable IF you don’t have the right size. Finding the right thong can be a bit more tricky than finding a comfortable brief or boxer brief. It takes a bit of time and research (but thankfully I’m here to guide you). When you find the right fit though, it’s a magical feeling. I find men’s thongs to offer comfort, style, and confidence and a big dose of sex appeal.

Now let’s move on to Myth #2 aka thongs are for (insert anyone but yourself here). The truth is any man with confidence can rock a thong. I’ve talked to a lot of guys over the years (myself included) who felt some sort of shame for wearing it was something they had to hide or something they shouldn’t wear for a variety of reasons. You don’t have to have six pack abs, a bubble butt, a certain personality, be a certain age, etc. If you think thongs are sexy, wear one! Personally I always feel a confidence boost when I put on a thong. They’re fun to wear, show off the body nicely, and are some of the most colorful types of underwear or swimwear you can find. If you like them, and they make you feel sexy, that’s all that matters.

Now that I’ve cleared up some myths, let’s talk about Cockpit Swim thongs. These thongs are designed to also help you overcome the myths. First let’s talk about the front. The uniquely designed deep pouch is able to accommodate most any size’s true. I’m someone who typically orders thongs a size up so that there’s enough room up front to be comfortable. The problem with that is that it usually leaves me with an ill-fitting back side or strap. That’s not the case with Cockpit Swim thongs. I was able to order true to size and they fit like a glove. No worrying about keeping everything held in front and the back is a perfect fit as well.

I also have to take a moment to rave about the fabric. My cockpit swim thongs are some of the softest thongs I own which makes them perfect for a day by the pool or at the beach. The colors and patterns are bold and exciting. I used to stick to just solids when it came to underwear and swimwear but Cockpit Swim has helped me out of that rut and I love it. The bold patterns reflect the personalities of many of the men who have taken the plunge into trying these awesome swim thongs. An added bonus is that each thong is handmade and most are one-of-a-kind. You won’t have to worry about someone else on the beach sharing your same look.

Are you ready to take the plunge and try one yourself? They come in sizes 26” to 42” so there’s bound to be one perfect for you. Each comes with a promise to be true to size or you can get your money back so you really have nothing to lose. Step out of your comfort zone a bit this summer and try one out. I hope to see a lot of you wearing them at the beach!

5 thoughts on “Mens Thong Swimwear Done Right

  1. avatar Manna Den says:

    Yeah! Thongs are very Hot underwear for work or for beach parties as well. I recently bought a pair of thong from It has good fabric quality and awesome color. I have a collection of thongs for regular activities and for the pool or beach activities. I found them comfortable, supportable and also sexy look :P

  2. avatar Satisfied Cockpit Swim customer says:

    Andy is spot on about his evaluation of cockpit swim thongs. I am just average build but Ryans swimwear accentuates and flatters your proportions. Enhanced by friendly and helpful customer service. Why not order all of your swimwear and undies from cockpit undies when your in the mood for sexy new gear to wear……i am extremly happy i ordered and you will be also! ?

  3. avatar Andy @ Cockpit Undies says:

    That’s awesome to hear, Steve. Feel free to share pics with us in your Cockpit Swim thong!

  4. avatar Steve says:

    As you know Andy I also love thongs and you are right in that they are a big confidence booster. I was recently in Naples Florida for the week and I am proud to say I was able to thong all week. I loved it and I love the awesome thong tanline you get. It is so much fun to sun your buns and is the next best thing to being nude. I will be sure and order a cockpit swim thong to try out at the beach!

  5. avatar CONNECTICUT71 says:

    Awesome, you look great!!!

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