Salute to Summer Swimwear

Salute to Summer Swimwear


Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer in the U.S., has come and gone. Before saying goodbye to the sunny, warm weather, let’s take a look at my top picks for swimwear…because it’s never too soon to start planning for next summer! Let’s work our way from most coverage to least.


1. Squarecuts

Despite multiple attempts, I’ve learned that squarecuts just don’t work for my body. But they look amazing on a lot of guys. My squarecut pick is the WildmanT Cock Squarecut. The suit has a great pouch that can comfortably hold whatever your packing without being on display too much. The name of the suit comes from the rooster image on the side which adds a fun element to this swimsuit. The rooster has an intense look so I’m nicknaming this the raging cock squarecut. The swimsuit comes in black or blue and is available in variety of sizes. 

2. Briefs

Working our way down in coverage, we arrive at swim briefs. Swim briefs tend to be my go-to option for the pool and beach. My top choice for the end of summer is the Clever Sailboat swim brief. I love the playful pattern with the colorful sailboats. If we’re going to sail away from summer, then we should do it in this swim brief. It’s got a lower rise in front but full coverage in the back making this the perfect sexy suit for splashing by the pool or enjoying the sun at the beach.

3. Bikinis

Working our way down the list, and into something skimpier, we come to bikinis. My top bikini option is the Joe Snyder Clip Bikini. You might be thinking “isn’t this underwear?”. That’s the beauty of Joe Sndyer...their products could be worn as underwear or swimwear which makes this suit something you can wear year-round. This sexy suit is well designed and offers nice coverage in the front and a brazilian-like back (aka it covers only some of your butt). One side of the waistband has a quick release clip allowing you to easy slip it off when the occasion rises. I love the variety of colors and patterns available.

4. Thongs

For guys who like wearing as little as possible, we’ve got you covered (figuratively speaking). Our signature line of Cockpit Swim thongs are the perfect option when you want to stand out on the beach or by the pool. The deep pouch allows guys of all sizes to have the support they need in the pouch with the freedom of minimal coverage in the back. There are a ton of options of fun and playful patterns. Most are one-of-a-kind so you’re sure to have a unique thong. No matter your shape or size, we have the right swim thong for you!


So there you have it. Whether you like to show off a little or a lot, CockpitUndies has the right swimsuit for every man! Order yours today so that you're ready for a tropical getaway this winter, ready for the heat next summer, or squeezing out a few beach days yet this summer. 

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