Sporty and Stylish JOR Jockstrap

Sporty and Stylish JOR Jockstrap

Ahh the jockstrap, one of the most athletic styles of all underwear due to its origins in the world of sport. Over the years, compression shorts and the like have gained in popularity amongst athletes and in the locker room, so much so that it looked like it could have been the end of the jockstrap. But fear not my jockstrap loving friends, underwear designers began to see the jockstrap in a new light and redesigned it for fashion instead of purely function. In fact, I think today there are more styles of jockstraps than any other time in history. It’s a great time to be a lover of the jockstrap.

JOR is one of those brands I’ve had my eye on for years but had never gotten around to trying, so I figured the best introduction to their brand would be a jockstrap. The first thing you’ll notice on is the variety of JOR jock options. There are solids, stripes, and several fun patterns you can select. I opted for the JOR Tatacoa Jockstrap. I have never had underwear with a desert pattern and cactus on it before, so I thought it was a must have to add to my collection. I’ll admit that I likely will end up with all of the patterns in my collection someday. Some people collect book series, I collect jockstrap series.

Enough of my rambling, let me tell you about this jockstrap! The first thing that stood out to me was the BRIGHT orange waistband/leg strap color. I’m a huge fan of bright colors so it’s right up my alley. I’d compare the color to the same bright orange you see on guys who are working construction jobs (now all I can picture are construction workers wearing their bright orange vests and this jock). The waistband and leg straps are in the sweet spot of being not too thick or not to thin; they offer just the right amount of support to cradle those booty cheeks. The fun patterned  pouch is amazingly soft. The exterior feels almost like silk, while the inside seems to have just a little more fabric to help absorb any sweat you have while wearing it.The pouch pattern features a blue and teal sky with green and brown cacti and other desert vegetation. The soft pouch contours the package nicely making this the perfect jock to show off to someone special.

As I mentioned in the beginning, jockstraps have evolved to the point of being more about fashion today than function. This is one of those good hybrids that offers not only a fun and playful variety of designs, but also has the right structure to be supportive for a good sweaty workout. It’s practical for a variety of activities. I’ve worn it to the gym, while shopping, and even dancing.I think it’s one of the most versatile jocks I have in my collection and everyone likes a little versatility in their life, right? I found this jockstrap to run true to size and fit me just right in all the right places. The poly/spandex mix makes it easy to machine wash.

I’m definitely glad that I finally got around to trying JOR and the jockstrap was a great starting point. I can tell I’ll be adding more of their jocks to my collection as well and I’m sure I’ll be reviewing more of their other underwear styles in the future as well!

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