Underwear Fanatic Turned Business Owner

Underwear Fanatic Turned Business Owner

My name is Ryan Orcutt, founder of and this is my underwear story, I’ve never been happier in my life, and I owe it all to underwear.

Ever since I was a little boy I have had a deep passion for men’s underwear, my parents apparently picked up on it as well but as good parents they never said anything about it until much later in life after I came out of the closet. I started my young life just as most other boys do, in basic white Fruit of the Loom briefs, late elementary I was pushed into wearing boxers from the other kids, and then in high school switched to boxer briefs, thank the lord for that because I hated boxers.

From the time I was in boxers all the way through high school I wanted to feel sexy in my underwear but I didn’t want my parents to think I was gay, which I was but I didn't want to admit it to myself. So I spent a lot of my childhood searching for underwear in unconventional places, like Ross, TJmaxx, Marshalls, and Burlington Coat Factory. It was always hit and miss but that’s what made it exciting for me, and a sure reason why I'm so crazy about underwear now. 

As soon as I was able to drive that’s when things really started taking off, up until then I would buy underwear and wear them in my room, hide them in a small box at the top of my closet. When I started driving I had to upgrade to a much larger box which became increasingly difficult to hide but I luckily didn’t have nosy parents.

By the time I hot college my underwear journey was in full force, I had every style you could name and lots of them, I’d say it was in the 150-200 pairs, I knew I had a problem but It bought me happiness and that’s what mattered. After college I moved to California and a year later was an out gay man, which made things easier, I over just a few months I let down my guard about my underwear addiction to my parents, and I didn’t have anything to be afraid of anymore.

As time has gone on since moving to California, my underwear collection has gotten larger and larger and I now sit on an empire of about 1000 pairs, 200 of them jocks, and about 150 thongs, the rest of made up of briefs, boxer briefs, swimwear, and bikini briefs.

In 2015 I started to realize that I have an addiction to buying underwear, it’s a thrill for me, a treasure hunt. So with that in mind I started CockpitUndies and strive to bring the lowest prices in online underwear and swimwear while pushing a positive body image agenda as best I can! 

Thank You for reading my underwear story, be sure to join me weekly here at, as I go more in depth about my love for underwear, and learn about the many styles of underwear that are out there. I meet guys everyday that say "hell No" to any type of underwear they aren't familiar with, or that they feel they wouldn't look good in, my mission in life is to destroy that mentality, and encourage guys to live everyday like its their last!

2 thoughts on “Underwear Fanatic Turned Business Owner

  1. avatar Junk UnderJeans says:

    Great story! Thanks for sharing all of that. We agree that there are great styles and fabrics in mens underwear today. In addition to briefs, men are wearing jockstraps, man thongs, and other sexy underwear.

  2. avatar Eric says:

    I’m enjoying your styles. Are the thongs in this Instagram post still available?

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